Feb 6, 2013

DIY Monster Onesie

So I like to sew but am by no means an expert.  I sew burp cloths, blankets, little things....you get the picture.  I get by and have learned pretty much everything I know by teaching myself and the trial and error method.  It is also important to note that I have a love/hate relationship with the sewing machine.  Often times we find ourselves head to head, me yelling at it,  and it sitting there mocking me by refusing to work.  My complaint is if it's not one thing causing me undue stress, it's another.  For example, the bobbin runs out in the middle of a stitch, or the needle randomly unthreads itself, or the machine skips a stitch, or the pressor foot falls off,  or the needle breaks, and of course, there's my all time favorite, the thread decides  to jam...  Anyway, you name it and it's probably happened to me.  

This particular project, all of the above misfortunes transpired.   Needless to say, there was screaming, there was shouting, and there was profanity.  Good thing Noah doesn't repeat what we say yet.  Hopefully by the time that age comes around, the sewing machine and I will be on friendly speaking terms. 

Anyway, because Noah grows like a weed, we are now entering the 9 month clothes stage.  While sorting through his drawers the other day, I came across a 4pk of Carter's long sleeved white onesies.  Dan happened to be in the room at the time, and when I showed him the onesies excitedly, he judged them "plain and boring".  Hmm, the familar voice again, "you can do something with these!"  So later that night, I browsed my ipad for some ideas.  I came across the really cute blog The Homes I have Made and was inspired by her monster onesie.  I really liked the picture she used as her inspiration from etsy, (Monster), and decided I'd use that as my inspiration.  So I rummaged through my scrap fabric and came up with some blue and yellow pieces.  Then I found some off white canvas for the eyes and black felt for the eyeballs.  I pretty much free-handed the cutting of the various shapes using the onesie as a size reference.  The "winging it" portion turned out pretty well, and I did take pictures of the shapes for you, but my camera decided to format it's memory card without my permission and alas, they are all gone.

But anyway, I've never appliqued anything before, so there were quite a few challenges I uncovered.  Numero uno, finding the right stitch to use on the machine.  I needed one that would prevent the edges from fraying.  After looking online, it appeared that the "blanket stitch" was recommended.  However, my machine didn't have that, so I opted instead for a zig-zag stitch and adjusted the size and spacing of the zigzag.  The next challenge was not sewing the front of the onesie to the back of the onesie all while keeping the pieces of fabric in place.  This was by far the biggest challenge.  There was a lot of sewing and reripping of stitches until everything was semi straight and organized.  The last challenge was hiding all of the back (reverse stitching) I did to secure the thread. 

So my take on the whole thing.  I guess I am overall pleased with it.  There was alot of start/stopping which shows in the stitched pattern, so in hindsight I wish I would have used a lighter colored thread.  I think the black makes it look a litle sloppy, but it's not bad for my first experience with appliquing. Maybe I'll try to redeem myself with another attempt sometime soon, but for now, behold Noah's truly scary monster onesie ;-)

And the cute model himself!

What projects have you all been working on lately?!

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