Feb 8, 2013

DIY "Taggie Blanket" Tutorial

In my previous post, I mentioned that I like to sew 'baby' things.  So I thought it appropriate to share with you one of my baby sewing projects that I really enjoy doing...."taggie" blankets.  I say "taggie" in quotations because I believe the actual brand is trademarked and making your own blankets to sell would be an infringement of their patent.  So be warned, if you make your own "taggie", you are technically not allowed to sell it. 

Ok moving forward.  I work with alot of young women.  Young, married, women who are all pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or are just getting over being pregnant.  You think I'm joking?  Right now, there are nine women I work with their very own buns in the oven.  So that means alot of baby gifts.  And true to my style, I like to do 'em homemade.  In my opinion, nothing is quite as sweet as receiving a homemade item from the heart for your unborn child.  So we're off to it!

Taggie Blanket Materials: 
Flannel fabric
Minky fabric
Ribbon (3-4 colors of choice)
I bought 1yd of both flannel and minky fabric...this will yield you at least two taggie blankets.

Step 1:  Cut fabric
I cut my flannel fabric 18" wide by 21" long.  I prefer a more rectangular shape to my blanket, but if you like squares, feel free to modify.

After your flannel is cut, use it as a guide to cut your minky fabric.  I used a yard stick and pen to outline the edges.
Step 2:  Cut your ribbon into 5" strips

Step 3:  Loop and pin ribbon to the PRINTED side of your flannel fabric.

Step 4: Lay minky fabric with SOFT side facing down against your flannel.  Then pin edges of fabric together.

Step 5:  Sew your fabric.  I used a zig zag stitch.  Make sure you leave a small opening on one side of the blanket so that you can flip your fabric right side out.

Step 6: Cut the corners of your blanket.  It makes for a nicer corner when you flip the blanket right side out.
Step 7:  Flip your blanket right side out! Almost done =)
Step 8: Sew a zig zag stitch around the border to finish the look of the blanket!
And you are all done!!
I add a little label to my homemade items.  I plan on doing a little tutorial for that later, so check back.
 Let me know how you did with this tutorial and how your "taggie" blanket turns out!

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