The Family

Meet my wonderful family,

My husband Dan.  All I can say about this man is that God put him on this earth so that we would meet. He is my compliment in every facet of life and I learn from him everyday.  We have a very loving, respectful relationship that I'm a very proud of and I look forward to many years of wonderful marriage with him. 
 Meet Noah.  I never believed I could love someone so much.  This boy came into our lives August 2012 and we will never be the same.  He is an absolute joy and I cherish every moment that I'm privileged enough to be his mommy.  He amazes me everyday by how he lives his little life, his eyes full of such wonder and amazement.  His smile and laugh absolutely warm my heart and I am a better person because of him. 
The furry animals.
This is Bruce.  He means well but he is our all too spirited Golden Retriever whose obsessions include his tennis ball collection, playing with his "ball-ys"  outside, and generally being in the way whether by walking alongside you, in front of you, lying on you, or invading your personal space with his snout and tongue.  He knows how to listen but refuses to most times, enjoys any kind of attention even if it's the shouting kind, and lives to jump on visitors.

And lastly, Oliver.
He was the first addition to our family.  I rescued him when I was a junior in college.  He is a cuddly little thing who likes to pretend he is starved by begging for food morning, noon, and night.  I believe he is suffering from a mental meltdown.  Bruce was alot for him to handle, but now a baby too?  Oliver spends his days chasing pretend things around the house, catching and torturing small bugs and insects, eating plastic plants, and the aforementioned begging for food thing.

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