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Mar 2, 2013

DIY important dates wall decor

So this next post I am actually really excited to share with you all.  As many people are these days, I am a huge fan of Pinterest.  The last two Christmases I used Pinterest as inspiration for ideas on homemade Christmas gifts.  If you don't know my opinion on homemade gifts, it is simply that I love them.  I love making them and I love giving them even more.  ( I only hope that the receivers like them as much as I do!). Anyway, while browsing Pinterest last year I found the idea for something called "important dates framed". Looking back now I can't find the pin so I'm not sure if I actually pinned it.  But you may have heard of the concept or even seen a similar pin yourself.   The basic idea is a framed piece of  "art" that has important dates printed on it in a semi-subway art fashion.  The majority of the pins I saw had birthdays of important people/family members on them with some kind of cute caption that read "what a difference a day can make."  

So I was determined to complete this DIY gift for my mom and mother-in-law who both became grandmothers for the first time last year. I wasn't sure if they would think it was as a cool as I gift as I did, but I was willing to take the risk!  

So to do the project, I basically winged it on my own instincts.  I decided to go with the anniversary of my parents and follow with the birthdays of all of their children&grandchildren.  To make the art I went into word publisher and played with different fonts, sizes, orientations and layouts until i found a design I liked.  The finished product looked like this...

It was a success, my mom loved it!  And my mother in law seemed to really appreciate hers as well.  So I thought I'd make one for Dan and I, but with a little twist to it.  So here's the tutorial if you'd like to make one yourself. 

You'll need 1/4 yard of canvas fabric in a light color
Steam A Seam fusible paper or Adhesive spray
8.5x11 craft paper or sturdier printer paper
your design in word publisher or another similar publishing program
an 11x14 picture frame


Step 1:  Using your adhesive paper web, attach the craft paper to the canvas fabric.  The first photo below is just me sizing the paper against the fabric.  As you can see there is a margin of fabric around the edges of the paper which I'll remove later.

The adhesive paper needs to be sandwiched inbetween the layers of fabric and paper.

This is what it looks like once the protective paper is removed.  One side of the paper will be sticky and the other side will become adhesive once ironed.

Step 2:  Activate the bond from the other side by ironing the fabric. 

Step 3:  Trim fabric edges.
Step 4:  Load your paper into your printer

Step 5: Print! (As you can see, the twist on mine was making it into "A Love Story".  I chose to highlight what I felt were the important dates/times in Dan and I's relationship.  I also used graphics I found through google images. 
Step 6:  Set into frame

Step 7: Admire =)

And there you have it.  Make one for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about!

Jan 31, 2013

Morning Sunshine

After what has seemed like days of dreary, overcast skies here in Lancaster County, the sun has finally decided to grace us again with its presence.  What a relief too, I for one was beginning to miss it.

So today, amongst many things, I am thankful for the sun.

And I am thankful for the daily reminder of why going part time was the best decision Dan and I  could have made for our family....

Look at the face that I woke up to this morning!  Now if that's not enough recharge you and prepare you for whatever the day has in store,  I don't know what is. 

Good morning everyone!  How did you wake up today?  

Jan 30, 2013

How Appropriate for the First Day of my Blog!

My hubby and I try to make dinnertime a place and time where we can catch up with eachother on the day's activities.  It's share time.  We share what we did during the day, what made us laugh, funny things we heard on the radio, silly Noah things, etc, etc.  Tonight my husband decided to share with me a video that his sister had shared with him.  You may have seen it already, it's called "A Pep Talk from Kid President to You."  It is currently trending on a lot of social media sites, but incase you haven't seen it yet, here is the link

Did you watch it?  Did you get chills?  I know I did.  First things first, how cute was that kid?  I mean seriously, he was perfect.  But that 3 minute video was so powerful, and the message it was delivering is one that every single person can identify with.  As he said, we've got "air coming through our nose" and "a heartbeat" so go out into the world and "be awesome", "give the world a reason to dance".  And perhaps my most favorite message; that little child reminds us that we are all on the "same team". 

Such simple truths.  So this blog is my way of "doing something".  And from this day forward, I'm going to remind myself that I am on the same team as every person I meet.  If this means waiting an extra second to hold the door open for the person behind me or letting someone out in front of me while driving or taking the time to wish the cashier a good day, I will be "awesome".  And I am sure I will be a happier person for it.